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+33 is the international dial code for France
French phone numbers have ten digits in the format starting with zero like: 0X XXXX XXXX. You must dial the ten-digit format, even for local calls.

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France Telephones (+33)
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+33 is the international dial code for France
French Phone numbers must be dialed in full 10 digits format, whether for local or long distance calls. The previous area codes are eliminated in favour of 10-digit national numbers.
To dial to France from other countries, a) dial your international access code + 011 (if you are in USA and Canada)
b) dial 33 (France international code),
c) dial the French number (remove the initial zero if any).
Example: If you are dialing from the US or Canada to a phone number in France like 06 1122 3344. Then dial 011 33 6 1122 3344.
Country calling phone code 33
International prefix 00
Trunk prefix 0
Regulator ART - Autorite de Regulation des Telecommunications
NSN length 9
World Telephone Numbering Guide for France
ARCEP - Autorité de régulation des communications électroniques et des postes 7, Square Max Hymans - 75730 PARIS Cedex 15 - Téléphone : +33 1 40 47 70 00 - Télécopie : +33 1 40 47 71 98
ARCEP - Le plan de numérotation
Art Telecom - ARCEPLa numérotation, French official plan The French telephone numbering plan is used for metropolitan France, and the French overseas departments and some overseas collectivities. Since 1985, France changed to a eight-digit number with the area code added into the subscriber's telephone number, called closed telephone numbering plan.
To call the rest of France from Paris, however, the prefix 16 had to be dialed before the eight-digit number, and to call Paris from the rest of France, the prefix 16 1 had to be dialed.
The Numbering plan in France changed to a ten-digit numbering scheme since In 1996.
01 Paris Area ("Région Ile-de-France")
02 Northwest France
03 Northeast France
04 Southeast France
05 Southwest France
06 Mobile phone services
07 Will be used for mobile phone services from 2010.
08 Freephone (numéro vert) and shared-cost services.
09 Non-geographic number (used by Voice over IP services, formerly 087 numbers)
Old numbers with the format 08 7X XX XX XX must be replaced by 09 5X XX XX XX from 2006, reserved for Free telephone service offered by Internet Provider.
00 is the The international access code - Since 1998 Phone subscribers also can access different carriers by replacing the initial '0' with other digits. Don't use the zero only for when calling from outside France.
To choose Cegetel network dial '7': Paris 71 xx xx xx xx. if the number is 01 xx xx xx xx. and the international access code Cegetel is '70', instead of '00'.
Monaco, Guadeloupe, French Guiana, Réunion
Overseas regions
+590 Guadeloupe
+596 Martinique
+594 French Guiana
+262 Réunion and Mayotte
+508 Saint Pierre et Miquelon
+687 New Caledonia
+689 French Polynesia
+681 Wallis and Futuna
Use this country codes when calling to this regions
377 is the Monaco country code. Old numbers befor 1996 with eight-digit numbers starting with 93, were from Monaco when was included in the French numbering plan.
To call from France to Monaco dial the international format 00 377 xxxx xxxx. Calling from Monaco to neighbouring areas in France must dial using the 00 33 4 xxxx xxxx.
376 is the Andorra contry code. Old numbers before 994 used the French numbers like +33 628 xxxxx.
Other French overseas departments (départements d'outre mer or DOMs), Guadeloupe , Martinique, French Guiana and Réunion have separate country codes from metropolitan France, although they are treated as part of the French numbering plan, with direct dialing for calls between the DOMs (including collectivités territoriales) and metropolitan France. Calls between the DOMs and metropolitan France require only the '0' to be dialed. Since 2001, telephone numbers in the DOMs have followed the same ten-digit format as metropolitan France, with the country code being used as a geographical area code, e.g:
To Dial Guadeloupe From France: From Fixed phone line 0590 xxx xxx or Mobile phone line dial: 0690 xxx xxx - From Outside France: Fixed phone line +590 590 xxx xxx or Mobile phone line +590 690 xxx xxx
To dial French Guiana From France: From a Fixed phone line 0594 xxx xxx or Mobile phone line use the format 0694 xxx xxx. - Outside France from Fixed phone line: +594 594 xxx xxx or Mobile phone line: +594 694 xxx xxx
To dial Martinique From France: From a Fixed phone line: 0596 xxx xxx or Mobile phone line: 0696 xxx xxx - Outside France: Fixed phone line: +596 596 xxx xxx or Mobile phone line: +596 696 xxx xxx
Réunion From France: From a Fixed phone line: 0262 xxx xxx or Mobile phone line: 0692 xxx xxx - Outside France: Fixed phone line: +262 262 xxx xxx or Mobile phone line: +262 692 xxx xxx Before March 30, 2007, the collectivité départementale of Mayotte used country code +269, shared with the Comoros:
Mayotte From France, including Mayotte: 0269 xxx xxx - From Comoros: xxx xxx - Outside France and Comoros: +269 xxx xxx
Since On 2007, Mayotte adopted the +262 country code. Also used by Réunion.
From France: Fixed phone line: 0269 xxx xxx or Mobile phone line: 0639 xxx xxx - Outside France: Fixed phone line: +262 269 xxx xxx or Mobile phone line: +262 639 xxx xxx
Calls to Saint Pierre and Miquelon require only '0', country code and the subscriber's six-digit number, eg: From France: 0508 xxx xxx Outside France: +508 xxx xxx Calls to and from the territoires d'outre mer, however, require full international dialing, hence the international access code and country code must be used
Paris from New Caledonia: 00 33 1 xx xx xx xx, New Caledonia from Paris: 00 687 xxx xxx
Le plan de numérotation
Catégories du L'organisation du plan de numérotation. Les numéros français sont à 10 chiffres et sont traditionnellement référencés sous la désignation EZABPQMCDU 1. Leur organisation suit le schéma suivant :
Numéros commençant par - Type de service
01-05 - Services téléphoniques fixes (numéros géographiques)
06 - Services téléphoniques mobiles
087 - Services téléphoniques fixes (numéros non géographiques) (en service jusqu'au 15 décembre 2008 au plus tard)
08 - Services à valeur ajoutée
09 - Services téléphoniques (numéros non géographiques)
3BPQ - Services à valeur ajoutée (numéros à 4 chiffres)
Emergency / Services d’urgence
15 : SAMU,
17 : Police ou Gendarmerie,
18 : Pompiers,
112 : Numéro d'urgence européen (permettant d'accéder aux trois services ci-dessus),
115 : Urgences sociales (ou "SAMU social"),
116 000 : Enfants disparus,
119 : Enfance maltraitée
116XYZ - Services à valeur sociale harmonisés
118XYZ - Services de renseignements téléphoniques (numéros à 6 chiffres)
10XY - Services des opérateurs de réseau (numéros à 4 chiffres)
16XY - Sélection du transporteur (préfixes à 1 ou 4 chiffres)
Préfixes " E " - Sélection du transporteur (préfixes à 1 ou 4 chiffres)
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